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I'm Meg Bradyhouse, formerly known as Meg Courtney, and I specialize in photographing enchanted elopements, and live for sunsets where specks in the air light up like pixie dust. I book one-way tickets when I travel and am a small town farm girl from Alberta Canada just living the dream in Kauai! Thank you so much for being here and hope to talk with you soon!

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We hiked 7 miles, half of which in the dark, so they could stand out on the edge of the world and read love letters to each other as the sun dipped below the horizon, whales jumped below us and tears rolled down their cheeks. It was as if the wind stopped to listen to […]

They walked out into the water that was deeper than we all expected and they couldn’t stop laughing and the flooding of salt water rushing into their shoes and onto their clothes. He swayed her around as they playfully kissed and it was if they were the only people in the world. Their 2 best […]

we pulled up to the spot as the last few stars faded away into the morning sky, and the clouds began to glow with color. she was giddy was excitement and the smile never left her face as he held her hand and walked out to the cliffs for their sunrise ceremony. the clouds picked […]

it was as if they had stepped straight out of a disney movie. she swayed in her dress as he kissed her cheek and forehead and then reached for her lips. the sun was shining behind them through the trees and they walked in and out of the wildflowers on the edge of the cliff. […]

She was radiating light. The sun was dropping behind the mountains and she spun in her dress playing with her vail as he stood back and watched. The walked the beach hand in hand under a cotton candy sky, pausing every so often for a little kiss. There wasn’t anyone around and they had the […]

Kelvin Ho spoke as we all prepared our minds and hearts for the start of their ceremony midst the Hurricane Lane that was quickly approaching the island. “We are, in an extra ordinary time” he began, “the largest and most intense weather system on this earth at present is nearing, and it is part of […]

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