Jessica and Elliot | Kauai Elopement

their first kiss as husband and wife and the sky opened up shining the most incredible lightrays down on them and the cliffs. elliot pulled her in close and whispered through a smile “we’re married!”, and they stood there in pure joy and almost disbelief. the look on their faces said everything as they fell in and out of their 3rd, 4th and 5th first kisses and we stepped back to just let them be together in that moment. what a beautiful gift to be in the presence of such raw love between two people.


we adventured around kauai’s north shore haven, in and out of the forest, out on the rocks, discovering new secret beaches around each corner. the summer swell had brought sand in to areas that are usually filled with rocks and it felt like we were on a whole new island by ourselves with not another sole in sight. it was a relaxed and easy going afternoon, followed by true procrastinators after my own heart (haha) and they copied their written vows out into their books in the parking lot before they made it official. frieda gayle performed a beautiful beach ceremony as the sun set behind them and lit up the sky. a few tears and heartfelt vows and magical kauai sunrays. a perfect enchanted elopement if you ask me:) enjoy the photographs and congrats again jessica and elliot!

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