Tamao and Matt // Fairytale Wedding at The Beach House

etta james came on the loud speaker as matt reached out for her hand. she elegantly interlocked her fingers with his and they began to dance. “i want a sunday kind of love” was playing as they glided across the dancefloor in perfect ballroom form. she sang the words to him as he spun her out and then back in close and they both laughed. everyone gathered around, wiping tears and smiling ear to ear as they watched matt and tomao playfully sing and dance in the middle of the floor. the sky was glowing from the beautiful day that was now fading to night, the ocean waves calmly crashed against the rocks and they swayed back and forth under what felt like millions of twinkle lights that were suspended above them in a canopy of hanging vines and florals…

matt and tamao are two of the sweetest humans, their girls speech during the reception brought tears to my eyes and they have the most beautiful family. the day was filled with flowers and twinkle lights, laughter and the perfect sunset followed by a night under bright stars. the beach house kauai is one of my favorite venues and they always kill it but this wedding was next level and i’ve never seen a more dreamy tent set up. everything was so romantic from the way these two loved on eachother throughout the day, to her dress and the look in their eyes as they said their vows to one another. so grateful i got to be a part of this magical day, and a huge shout out to the staff and coordinators at the beach house for making this so insanely beautiful and congratulations again to matt and tamao, enjoy!

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