Dan and Claudia \\ Kauai Elopement

They stood on the edge of the canyon cliff and exchanged vows through smiles and tears falling as slow as the rain drops. There wasn’t a sound other than their voices and the rain, the fog was rolling in closer and closer and made it all the more magical. I’ve never seen 2 people embrace whatever weather their day brought as much as these two. We spent the day wandering foggy trails and unexplored ridges in the gentle rain, smiling and laughing and finding beauty in the crazy weather Kauai had blessed them with. I left their elopement with a full heart, what a refreshing reminder of what this is all about. <3

Claudia trekked her dress through muddy red dirt, Dan wore his sneakers and ditched the tie. They found a spot they loved, held hands and walked out smiling ear to ear as husband and wife:) The quote “attitude is the difference between an ordeal and adventure” kept playing through my mind and these two were a perfect example of that. Even though their elopement took place in the thickest fog and constant rain, they were the most stoked couple on the planet and that is such a beautiful thing to witness. All the rain and fog in the world couldn’t have ruined their day, they just rolled with it, and it turned out to be even more romantic that I could have imagined. Thank you to all my amazing couples who remind me that there is magic to be found in any situation, you just have to be able to see it☺ So grateful for these two, I knew when we ran into them walking down the street on their first day on Kauai, while we were popping a bottle of champagne on the wall with my family for Easter Sunday (haha) that they were going to be the coolest and man was I ever right 😉 enjoy!!

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