Emily and Diogo \\ North Shore Kauai Elopement

It was killing me that 4 months after spraining my ankle I still was in an air cast and couldn’t hike, but I knew Emily and diogo were in good hands with Peter. I stood at the bottom of the trail and decided to take a few steps up as Peter lead the way. The light was shining through the trees perfectly rim lighting everything it touched. Diogo lead Emily up the rocks and when she got to him, he turned and pulled her in for a kiss, an absolute fairytale.

When they got down from the lookout we decided to do a little adventuring on flatter ground, so we walked along lava rocks and into trails in the forest, and despite not being allowed to hike due to my injury, we found ourselves accidently climbing back up the side of the mountain ;). I took every step carefully and slowly and the unexpected hiking was SO worth it. Vast landscapes of palm trees, a setting sun and whales breaching in the distance. Emily floated along the trail as sweet as she is, twirling and playing with her dress and diogo never stopped smiling.

I enjoyed our time with these two soo much, and not to mention after what had felt like months of consecutive rainy days, this sunset was pure magic. Congrats again to the wonderful Emily and Diogo… Enjoy the photographs!

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