Gabe and Caroline // Kauai Enchanted Elopement

they move in sync with each other, as he playfully dances up to her she playfully dances back and he pulls her in for a kiss. the sky exhaled shades of pinks and purples as the sun dropped below the horizon and she sunk into his arms as they swayed back and forth looking out to the sky. they didn’t need to say a word and in the midst of chaos, people everywhere and music and laughter, they were there together, still. if I’ve ever witnessed pure happiness and contentment and comfort and love wrapped all in one it was with these two in this moment.

caroline and gabe are truly a perfect fit, the joy that eluded from their entire day from their friends and family cheering everyone down the aisle, to the vows they wrote to one another to the epic dance party to follow, it really was a perfect wedding. it’s always an honour to get to share in our friends stories and i was so grateful peter and i got to be here for this day. it’s such a special gift to live on an island where friends become family and that was so evident witnessing the amazing group surrounding these two.

be sure to scroll down to see pete’s highlight film, it’s one of my favourites ever!! enjoy!



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