Randi + Mike | Cabo San Lucas Destination Wedding

She was radiating light. The sun was dropping behind the mountains and she spun in her dress playing with her vail as he stood back and watched. The walked the beach hand in hand under a cotton candy sky, pausing every so often for a little kiss. There wasn’t anyone around and they had the spot to themselves, sitting and watching the waves quietly whispering. The air was cooling off and the energy felt calm. These quiet still moments are always my favorite part of a wedding day, where the couple just gets to put all the chaos in the back of their mind and be there with eachother.

Everything about Cabo was a dream and we loved getting to see this little paradise thanks to this sweet couple. Randi was a bridesmaid in one of the very first weddings I photographed over 7 years ago, and it was so cool getting reconnect with that group on their wedding day! We’ll post more about our Mexico adventures soon but for now enjoy their beautiful gallery and send more Cabo weddings please!! 😉

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