Arianni and Brendan | Enchanted Kauai Elopement

it was as if they had stepped straight out of a disney movie. she swayed in her dress as he kissed her cheek and forehead and then reached for her lips. the sun was shining behind them through the trees and they walked in and out of the wildflowers on the edge of the cliff. she couldn’t stop smiling and he couldn’t take his eyes off of her. they stopped in the flowers and just stayed there together, her resting her head on him as he whispered something that made her laugh.i love these still quiet moments between couples who elope. no rush. no chaos. no noise. just the two of them together in a beautiful place with no distractions.

this day was filled with little moments of magic, where the light was perfect, the views, the winds, the sky – all of the stars aligned for these two and they even had their full dance under the rising moon. arianni moves so gracefully and elegantly and it is clear to anyone how captivated brendan is by her. i loved adventuring with these two and kauai never fails to impress with the sheer beauty and enchantment around every corner. congratulations to these two and enjoy the photographs!

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xox – meg.

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