Megan & Hany // Kauai Enchanted Elopement

we pulled up to the spot as the last few stars faded away into the morning sky, and the clouds began to glow with color. she was giddy was excitement and the smile never left her face as he held her hand and walked out to the cliffs for their sunrise ceremony. the clouds picked up more and more color and the sky was so beautiful it didn’t even look real. when we got to the cliffs the wind was still, not a person in sight and they held hands on the edge as Frieda Gayle performed their ceremony and the waves crashed on the rocks below them.

these two were just the sweetest and after this amazing morning i decided that we need to have more sunrises in our life! what a beautiful and peaceful way to start the day let along your life together. we are so blessed to be able to have a backdrop like this and couples like megan and hany to make it all the more magical. congratulations to these two and enjoy the photographs!

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