Gina & Jarrod // Kauai Enchanted Elopement

They walked out into the water that was deeper than we all expected and they couldn’t stop laughing and the flooding of salt water rushing into their shoes and onto their clothes. He swayed her around as they playfully kissed and it was if they were the only people in the world. Their 2 best friends stood back with Peter and I and we all couldn’t help but smile as we watched. Not once did they turn and acknowledge us standing there, they were so focused and tuned into each other in complete infatuation that it was if they were the only people in the world in that moment and you could feel the energy between them. The sky shed purples and oranges lighting up the water and they splashed around as she swung her dress back and forth. His hand traced her face as she giggled and he pulled her in for a soft kiss and just then, the sun dipped below the horizon.

Words can’t describe how much I enjoyed our day with Jarrod and Gina. They weren’t afraid to simply be themselves and anyone could see how they were fully taking in each and every moment with one another. No distractions, no rush, no plan. They trusted us to take them to each location ready to find the magic wherever we ended up and that’s exactly what happened. Fingers crossed we’ll see these two again one day in Australia but until then, enjoy these photographs that I’m almost positive can’t be looked at without a smile:) Gina and Jarrod – You guys are awesome. Congratulations again and thank you for having us there!

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