Brooke and David | Kauai Elopement

We walked out into the forest from the road as the sun finally broke through the clouds. They swayed back and forth, dancing to their playlist that was playing through the speaker, and the softest mist began to fall from the sky showering them with what looked like glitter from the light. The forest was silent other than their occasional laugh and the click of my camera shutter. It all felt so romantic and peaceful.

We chased the rain and windstorm, or it chased us, for the better part of the day but everywhere we went it turned out perfectly. For their ceremony, the sun broke through a high ceiling of clouds and lit up the ocean with the most beautiful colors. Their first dance was done at the edge of the water as the sun fell and it was just perfect. These two were radiating with joy the entire day, so grateful we got to be the ones to preserve it! Enjoy the photographs!

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