Giovanna + Anthony | Kaua’i Adventure Engagement

Words from our sweet Bride and Groom Giovanna and Anthony. They worked for these views, meeting Peter an hour before sunrise so they could climb to the top of this mountain for the golden hour and it was so worth it!! We have the best couples ever. Take a look below, all photographs were taken by Peter!

“Thanks to you, all the pictures are beyond amazing! You exceeded our expectations and we were blown away with our pictures. My favorite part was being up on Sleeping Giant, watching the golden hour shine over the town and the ocean. We still have our muddy clothes from that day, which we are wanting to frame to remember such a beautiful and unforgettable moment. The only advice I can think of for any bride is to enjoy and live in the moment. Every part of planning a wedding is stressful, but you don’t want your engagement shoot to be one of those stressful moments. Enjoy this time with your partner because these are the moments that you will cherish forever and you don’t want that memory of that moment to be a bad one. Our time on the hike that day was so intimate and precious and it’s all thanks to the Bradyhouse family. ❤”

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