Megan + Scott | Kaua’i Anniversary Session

Loved chasing the sunset with these two to celebrate their anniversary a few weeks ago! Every couple has such a unique story and so much has changed for these two since their wedding. What a gift to be able to give them updated photographs for them to display in their home so they can look at them and reflect on everything they’ve been through to get them to this point.

I’ve been loving the anniversary sessions more and more these days. It’s so important to celebrate these milestones in a relationship and to take a moment to step back together and see how much you’ve grown. To create an intentional moment where your focus is solely on each other and where you’re at right now. To let all the hard work, the ups and the downs, the victories and the simple acts of every day love sink in and be surrounded by a beautiful place. To walk away with beautiful photographs to remind you of how strong you are together whenever you might need a reminder. These sessions are a time to slow down and appreciate each other for everything you’ve been, everything you are and all that you’re becoming, and I think that is so incredibly important. 💛

Happy anniversary to this sweet couple, enjoy the photos!


Photographer | Meg @megbradyhouse

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