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My Husband and I are forever grateful for Meg, Peter and Micah. They are exceptional photographers who set a new gold standard in the business. The Bradyhouse team offers the whole package: incredibly talented, creative, hardworking, caring, responsive, personable and fun. A huge mahalo friends for making our engagement shoot and wedding the most beautiful memories of our life.

Kepa + Cassidy

"The Bradyhouse team offers the whole package: incredibly talented, creative, hardworking, caring, responsive, personable & fun"

I feel so lucky to have had [Meg] and Pete to capture my ceremony. Meg has great ideas for photoshoot locations, she is great with communication, and she is just so flexible and accommodating. I saw her breathtaking pictures so I had high expectations for my shoot, but the pictures she and Pete took just went above and beyond anything that I could have imagined. Meg and Pete are just so full of life and good energy. Trust me, you want them to be there on your wedding day. 

Crystal + Jason

"trust me, you want them to be there on your wedding day"

Let me start by saying Meg and Peter are the best! Not only did they make our wedding day comfortable and fun, but they had the knowledge we were missing on where to score such incredible pictures! Meg also sent us a guide to Kauai and eloping that was beyond helpful! I probably looked over the book at least 10 times before our trip was over. As a bonus, we also received our finished photos faster than I ever imagined!

Katie + Rob

"they had the knowledge we were missing on where to score such incredible pictures!"

Micah + Peter were both just super chill, fun, and interesting guys to hang out with; people we'd want to hang out with anyways, so it was a bonus. We also aren't the most graceful people on the planet, but our pictures and video were straight out of a movie set. People have been completely blown away. We used the footage to put together a video to show at our reception and there wasn't a dry eye in the room

Bethany + Kyle

"people we'd want to hang out with anyways"

Not only is Meg an amazing photographer, she is an awesome person! She brought a sense of peace and love to our wedding day that I can't begin to explain. Her positive attitude and dedication to her craft make her truly magical. We absolutely love her and would recommend her to every couple looking for a marriage adventure.

Ali + Jake

"We absolutely love her and would recommend her to every couple" 

Thank you to an incredible, flexible crew that gave us endless opportunities to enjoy each moment when capturing our day. Everyone in our ceremony commented on how chill and kind Micah, Peter and Dayna were. You guys felt like good friends. We will never forget our day shared with you all. 

Lindsay + Michael

"you guys felt like good friends. we will never forget our day shared with you."

This experience by FAR exceeded any expectations I could have had. Micah was so gracious and warm and welcoming. He even made my reserved husband feel comfortable so we could truly enjoy the day. I remember one of the last spots we went to, he ran up to check the view and then ran down and was like, ‘umm you’re probably going to want to put your dress back on for this shot!’ And of course he was totally right. And can I just give Dana some credit? I seriously don’t know what I would have done without her. She was truly like a friend to me on our most special day.

Jenny + Chuck

"This experience by FAR exceeded any expectations I could have had"

Meg helped us pick a location for our ceremony and decide start time, etc. based on lighting, crowds, etc. and we ended up on a perfect beach for our ceremony and were the only people there. Meg's photos are unbelievable. We've received so many compliments on our photos and will cherish them forever. We added Pete for drone photos a little later and we are so glad we did. If you are taking photos with cliffs, overlooks, etc., you should definitely hire Pete for drone photos.

Lauren + Chance

"we ended up on a perfect beach for our ceremony and were the only people there."

Peter made us feel so comfortable even though neither of us had been photographed professionally before. We actually had so much fun!! We just received all of our photos today... WOW, they exceeded all of our expectations. I never could have imagined having such dreamy wedding photos on a beautiful beach in Hawaii.

Christine + Ben

"Peter made us feel so comfortable" 

Bradyhouse Photographers capture your intimate moments like no other. In addition to your epic love, their shots capitalize on the beauty of where you choose to celebrate. The blues in the ocean, the ever changing colors of the sky & the pops of color in florals frame your love in a way only Bradyhouse can. They are dependable and speedy in delivery, which is invaluable. I can't imagine documenting love without them. Intimate or extravagant Bradyhouse Photographers can do it all! 

The Beach House

"their shots capitalize on the beauty of where you choose to celebrate"

It is worth it, just book your photos with Meg, your video with Pete, go on an Adventure and leave all of your worries behind! We eloped just the two of us and had the best day with the Bradyhouse team which we will remember forever!

Laura + Brenton

"It is worth it"

My husband and I had never been to Hawaii so we knew nothing about the islands or Kauai. I tried to research as much I could but was a bit overwhelmed. Meg was more than happy to make suggestions on different vendors, location and what was the best time for shooting. Now, I want to add that I am in the film & tv industry. From the words of everyone in my industry, WOW! They said that I picked the perfect person for my photos and loved her artistic eye. We are so glad we went with Meg & Pete! 

Noy + Alan

"I tried to research as much I could but was a bit overwhelmed. Meg was more than happy to make suggestions"

Meg and Pete! They were absolutely amazing! Being in the film industry and having an extensive knowledge about lighting, cameras and composition, I was very impressed on how both of them were not only able to organize a big group of very 'excited' people but to be creative at the same time. Just being able to place and direct people in such a short timeline takes quite the skills and Meg and Pete made it seem flawless.

Christine + Kyle

"Being in the film industry and having an extensive knowledge about lighting, cameras and composition, I was very impressed"




Whether you’re after waterfalls, ridge trails, secluded beaches or cliffs overlooking the sea, once the date is secured we will guide you in choosing the best locations away from the crowds. Then, we’ll connect you with the most talented and reliable vendors, create the timeline for your day, and let you in on our local secrets for what restaurants we love, hikes you can’t miss and the best happy hour spots! We’ll also send out our Elopement Planning and Kaua’i Travel Guide because YOU’RE GOING TO THE MOST AMAZING PLACE ON EARTH! The stoke is real! 


working with us

As you plan, remember this is a wedding, not a photoshoot. The focus should be on the two of you and the vows you are going to exchange. We will do everything we can to guide you to the perfect places at the right times, but at some point, your experience will take on a life of it’s own. Things don’t always go according to plan (isn’t that just life!?) so trusting in us and having some flexibility can make or break your day. If I’ve learned anything so far, it is to be open to how Kaua’i blesses us on your day. Focus on the important stuff and leave the rest to us. However the day unfolds, there is always magic to be found and we always find it.

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Full day ElopemenT
2-3hr Elopement
Full Wedding Day Coverage Engagement + Couples Sessions


Everyone's needs are unique and price-lists are weird, so anything we do can be scaled up or down as needed. Let us know what you’re dreaming of and if you have a price-point in mind, and together we'll come up with a plan that is a perfect fit.


your questions, our answers


Adventure week


 This is for you if you’re dreaming of going on a ton of rad adventures and you want the highlights of your magical trip to Kaua’i professionally photographed and/or filmed! This can be an elopement experience or just for an adventurous couple or family.

Whether we join you on a boat tour, explore out to hidden waterfalls, take a bike ride, a paddle on a SUP or kayak, or even if you just want to enjoy a sunset on a secluded beach we will help make suggestions to bring your dreams to life and be alongside you capturing it all as it goes down. This also allows for the best opportunity to catch those perfect conditions. Do it for the gram!

 "do it for the gram! "

Some of our favorite destination weddings have been in New Zealand, Greece, Austria, Jamaica, Iceland and Mexico! We’re always looking for an excuse to go somewhere new, but, let’s be real, we’re actually ALWAYS looking for an excuse to go back to Tahiti (ha!!) so if you’re dreaming of a Tahitian elopement, let us know and we just might be able to work out a deal! ;)

We've Photographed Weddings in 13 COUNTRIES SO FAR & COUNTING! 


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and induges in a roadside food truck

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Experiences over POSESSIONS, all day everyday.




the magic happens when you least expect it

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If you have any other questions feel free to reach out to us via email. We're here to help make your experiences as stress-free as possible. 


Nope! There are SOO many rad locations that are permit-able for photographs where you would *think* were a crazy hike to get to, but in reality they’re just a little path or a 5 minute walk! We’re happy to take you on a 8 mile adventure or somewhere just off the side of the road, whatever you’re envisioning we gotchu. 

Do I have to hike to have an adventure elopement?

Yes! Make sure you let us know where we’re going and our prices will include the travel costs to get there:) 

Do you travel

Our team has shot over 300 elopements in the last 3 years, and before that I spent my summers in Canada photographing over 100 big fancy weddings. We still take on a select number of large weddings per year if they're the right fit! 

How many weddings
have you shot?

It’s up to you! Some people want to make sure their elopement is “official”, and others will exchange vows with us and make it official at an earlier or later time. Whatever you decide, we will help you plan out the day accordingly and make suggestions based on how you want the day to feel!

Do we need to hire
 an officiant? 

Ohhh both are so amazing for different reasons! Some locations are better for sunrise, and some for sunset, so this will largely depend on where we’re going and the vibe you’re dreaming about. Once we get going on your plans, we can determine which would work better, unless you’re not a morning person and then, there is always sunset! 

Sunrise or

Yes! All the time! We love couples sessions whether it's for your honeymoon, babymoon, engagement photos, proposals  or even just for fun! 

Do you photograph couples who aren’t getting married?

When our schedules allow, we do open up a few spaces per month for family sessions. Typically we shoot these in the mornings and can set it up a few different ways depending on your price point and what you’re envisioning. Shoot us a message with more info and we’ll make a plan!

Do you photograph

Absolutely! Just because you’re having a large wedding doesn’t mean we can’t help guide you towards an epic day. We take on a few select large weddings per year and we will help you create a timeline that still allows for intimate moments and a little adventure if you’re up for it. 

Will you photograph our
large wedding?



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