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I'm Meg Bradyhouse, formerly known as Meg Courtney, and I specialize in photographing enchanted elopements, and live for sunsets where specks in the air light up like pixie dust. I book one-way tickets when I travel and am a small town farm girl from Alberta Canada just living the dream in Kauai! Thank you so much for being here and hope to talk with you soon!

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I ran up the trail chasing the light, the fog was moving in and out of the trees and every so often the sun would hit it just right and the most beautiful rays shone down on the forest floor. I reached the turn and looked back to see if Peter was behind me and […]

we walked out onto the ridge and fog filled the valley. it was almost as if you could hear it sweeping across the mountains, and even with the view being blocked it still felt magical. they walked out to the edge and stood there for just a minute, and just like that the fog lifted […]

Over a year ago these two got married under a rainbow on Kauai (click HERE to see), and when they found out we were going to be in Alberta for 48 hours they called me up and asked if we could meet for some anniversary photos! We were on our way to Bikini Town and […]

“it’s hard to believe that this is only the beginning of our story, when I’ve loved you for so long” she said as the fog rolled in and out. The wind fell still and a rainbow appeared behind them as he wiped a tear from his her cheek and then from his own. they stood […]

they move in sync with each other, as he playfully dances up to her she playfully dances back and he pulls her in for a kiss. the sky exhaled shades of pinks and purples as the sun dropped below the horizon and she sunk into his arms as they swayed back and forth looking out […]

We walked down miles of empty beach without seeing a soul, looking for shells until the sun set below the horizon and it was quiet. Neither of us needed to say a word and he reached for my hand. The wind had completely died and the ocean was calm, I picked up another sunrise piece […]

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