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I'm Meg Bradyhouse, formerly known as Meg Courtney, and I specialize in photographing enchanted elopements, and live for sunsets where specks in the air light up like pixie dust. I book one-way tickets when I travel and am a small town farm girl from Alberta Canada just living the dream in Kauai! Thank you so much for being here and hope to talk with you soon!

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We walked out into the forest from the road as the sun finally broke through the clouds. They swayed back and forth, dancing to their playlist that was playing through the speaker, and the softest mist began to fall from the sky showering them with what looked like glitter from the light. The forest was […]

The day started early for Rachel: 4am for hair and makeup. Shortly after Peter and I showed up to begin photographing and filming the getting ready, first look and sunrise ceremony nestled back by the cliffs on the beach. When he saw her for the first time, Colin’s face was everything a bride dreams of when […]

5 ways to Increase your Inquiries More inquiries means more clients, and more clients mean a rockin’ biz. Here are 5 tips to help increase your inquiries, and if you have any others be sure to leave them in the comments section!   1. Instagram Using Instagram goes beyond posting pretty photos and stories of […]

Oh my goshhh this day was full of so much epicness. The rain was threatening us all day, looming over us in dark clouds and wind gusts but somehow no matter where we went it held off for just the perfect amount of time. We got out to one of my favorite spots on the […]

Living in a place like Hawaii it’s so easy to get lost in the beautiful backgrounds and amazing color, placing people in the mist of a vast landscape in a perfect sunset, always looking for that epic shot. Shooting in the grungy streets and neon lights of Vegas was a much-needed reminder that whatever the […]

“And since I won’t make a promise I can’t keep, here are some things I can and can’t promise.  I can’t promise that I won’t ever make you cry, like I am right now,  but I do promise to always be by your side and take the pain away as soon as possible. I can’t […]

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