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I'm Meg Bradyhouse, formerly known as Meg Courtney, and I specialize in photographing enchanted elopements, and live for sunsets where specks in the air light up like pixie dust. I book one-way tickets when I travel and am a small town farm girl from Alberta Canada just living the dream in Kauai! Thank you so much for being here and hope to talk with you soon!

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“let’s leave it up to chance” she said as we went back and forth with the different options for their enchanted elopement. we had a loose plan in mind, but something was telling my gut to switch things up and that it would be worth it. i pitched an idea we hadn’t yet photographed before […]

we started at their house in austria and decided to go on a roadtrip and see where we ended up. josi packed her dress in the back seat of their car and threw her favorite lipstick in her purse and we were off. we drove aimlessly for hours across austria into italy with the day-dream […]

To read part 1 of our secret Bali elopement all about our vows – Click HERE I’ve never been one to stress about the details and this time was no different. I didn’t have any shoes to wear because I forgot to pack them, I couldn’t find a headband I loved so I wore an […]

As much as it may not appear on the outside, behind the scenes of running a business (at least for me) consists of frequent breakdowns, late nights, tears and a roller coaster of pride and self-doubt. There are so many amazing things about being your own boss, but it also comes with an extremely heavy […]

as we started driving up towards the canyon we could see the rain clouds hovering. i always do my best to not get nervous about weather because whatever the island gives us it’s usually amazing in it’s own way, so we kept driving. the sky was getting darker and darker and i naturally began racking […]

they ran out into the field, hand in hand. the sun dipped below the clouds and the security guard who we surely thought was there to kick us out laughed and chatted with peter as he showed him the drone view on his phone. we never thought we’d be allowed to sneak over to this […]

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