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I'm Meg Bradyhouse, formerly known as Meg Courtney, and I specialize in photographing enchanted elopements, and live for sunsets where specks in the air light up like pixie dust. I book one-way tickets when I travel and am a small town farm girl from Alberta Canada just living the dream in Kauai! Thank you so much for being here and hope to talk with you soon!

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We walked down miles of empty beach without seeing a soul, looking for shells until the sun set below the horizon and it was quiet. Neither of us needed to say a word and he reached for my hand. The wind had completely died and the ocean was calm, I picked up another sunrise piece […]

walking up to the stables we could see the horses, and it was almost as if they were glowing in the sun’s backlight. we had such an amazing evening wandering around the scenic cliffs taking photographs; it felt like hanging out with 2 old friends. we talked and laughed and the time flew by. the […]

This photo may look like a dream (and it was) but if there’s one thing I learned from the last 29 years is that life doesn’t always go the way you planned it, and my 29th birthday was no exception… as Peter reminded all day throughout this day, I guess “you can’t have adventure without […]

They got up and started to dance to Disney’s “Lava” song, playfully singing every word swaying back and forth. We were slowly heading back to the dock after the most magical evening on the NaPali. Their ceremony blesses us with gentle rain, mysterious clouds and the calmest seas. We didn’t think there would be much […]

“This is exactly the moment I dreamed of” he said to her as he held her close and they looked out at the view. They had just said their vows, heartfelt and intentional with every word. He kissed her on the head and everything was quiet as they looked out to the lake. Finley, their […]

earlier in the day we had gotten rained out of our original plan so we had to improvise. we decided to head to one of our favorite spots on the island in hopes of better weather, and after we got there it was clear that our original plan didn’t work out in order to make […]

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